Wednesday, June 16, 2010

e-Transaction Law postponed: New struggle begins

The Lebanese Parliament decided to postpone the adoption of the e-Transaction Law on the historic day of June 15, 2010. Early reports from those who attended the deliberations, show deep involvement of Presidents Berri and Hariri in explaining the drawbacks of specific Articles to the plenary.

This involvement is a clear sign of the effectiveness of our lobbying strategy.

The efforts of all those who contributed in the development of a thorough understanding of the law's flaws, imperfections
and dangerous impact on the business landscape, have been crowned by success and recognition.

All the MPs were eager to postpone the adoption of the law.
The press was happy to see the debate between the Speaker and the Prime Minister.
I received several phone calls from the inside spreading the good news.

Several persons have contributed to the modest achievement of today, and I thank them all (no listing of names before clearance).

But the hardest part of the struggle is yet to come. One month of hard discussions is waiting for us. I believe that we will need the input of all of you, so keep the spirit high and let's organize a meeting this week.


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