Thursday, June 17, 2010

Execution, Precision, Integrity and Credibility

I would have never imagined that our passionate and genuine campaign will lead to this sudden outburst in the foreign media. During the past couple of days, foreign journalists were carrying our cause as their own presenting the Law as an imminent danger on the freedom of expression.

Was it out of Negativism and fear from a gloomy present and uncertain future (in their respective countries)? was it an Aggregation of bad faith aiming to disfigure the image of our country in the world? or was it simply Gossip made by those who didn't really understand the core issues (and wanted to attract audience)?
My gut feeling points of course to the G option which seems to be the most plausible.

Despite my strong beliefs in the inherent powers and endless resources of Lebanon, the impact of some reports on me was particularly harmful and I was left with a profound sentiment of bitterness and disappointment. Lebanon looked like a weak and defenseless country, governed by a horde of faithless lawless and shameless fascists.

Does this image of Lebanon reflect reality? In my opinion, it does not.
But hey … this is the image that the foreign media is spreading, this is the perception that most of the people will have … and perception is unfortunately reality.

So what do we have to do now?

Change the NAG paradigm to the EPIC paradigm.

Do you know what? … Come to the meeting on Friday!

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