Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Gestapo Law in Lebanon

Oppressive ICT Law passed Common Committees today in the Lebanese Parliament

The Deputy Speaker of the House forbids MP's from discussing the 200+ articles text and did not allow any questions and answers among them.
Some parliamentarians were angry and disappointed and refused to comment on what happened in the Chamber.

Shame on you Lebanese Parliament.

Lebanese People I call on you to react. They are pushing us back to the middle ages. On-line community this is against you I am counting on your help to oppose stupidity and ignorance
... more to come

1 comment:

  1. Yes it is shocking; and not really surprising. In line with the way many other things take place in LB.
    I like your calls to (metaphorical) arms, though.

    Practical questions:
    - How to reach out the maximum number of people? (twitter? facebook?)
    - How to ensure enough outrage builds up? You need more than just one incidence of this...
    - Ultimately, how will any online mobilization translate into real life?

    IMHO: Openness helps curing many ills. Rather than be too confrontational, we should push for all Parliament and Committee meetings to be available on a special TV channel (like the US) or on the Web (live or not).

    BTW, another openness initiative should be to ensure ALL budget information for ministries and municipalities is available to ALL citizens on the web. Both sources of incomes (taxes, etc.) and expenditures...

    My 2 cents...