Saturday, July 24, 2010

e-Transaction Law: Back to Square Zero

No Vision, No Commitment, No Hope ...

We invested too much work and effort hoping that the officials and their acolytes would give us a break. Since June 15, 2010 (the historic date when Speaker Berri postponed the Law) they were actually giving us signs of goodwill,
this led us to rest on our laurels naively believing that the battle has ended.
I do not understand the position of the political establishment who want to put in place at any price, control procedures in advance giving the ESSA a grip on the private sector operations.
By giving to the ESSA this prerogative, the law will once again discourages entrepreneurs and investors from
even thinking to invest in the country. It will push them to seek favorable environments that provide a platform for on-line services and Knowledge Industries.

Although we have been promised that all the remarks of the Private Sector will be taken into consideration, we discovered that there
is actually no will to make in-depth changes but rather some cosmetic retouching keeping the repressive character of the law as is.

On the Data Protection side (Article 128) the commission even added restrictions on that were not in the previous version (translation coming up).

I though that we had a chance to establish a law to be proud of.

More details ...

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